Laser Technology – The Future Frontier of Business

The Laser (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) technology which was discovered in 1960 has started to make an impact across a diversified industries and business fields. One of the main reasons for this impact is the precision and accuracy in results which have resulted in laser technology being used in medical, aerospace, energy drilling activities, biotechnology and semiconductor technology. But its immediate impact was felt in the area of life sciences. Laser technology was used in advanced areas like neurological implants, cell and tissue reconstruction and DNA analysis as well. In the past the most active user of this technology was the US Defence Department of Research.

In the industrial world it made a profound impact as the technology has become a cost effective method for micro-fabrication, precision engineering and any form of scaling up or down of a particular process. Laser micromachining has brought a new dimension to manufacturing of items with exact dimensions.

Laser Technology – The Economies of Scale

An area where the technology has been seen as irreplaceable is manufacturing items in small numbers, which could then later be scaled up in quick time. Industries experienced a complete turnaround in terms batch production process, where earlier it could only produce large quantities to benefit from volume sales; now with laser technology it can produce smaller batches at faster speed and therefore take advantage of the cost effectiveness. Though micromachining did exist before laser technology, however the cost effectiveness due to scale was only achieved after the introduction of lasers.

A Brief Guide into Laser Technology based Micromachining:

In simple words laser technology based micromachining is the cutting, drilling, splitting and skiving various kinds of material such as glass, plastics and certain kinds of material. The precision of laser technology is unmatched and so is the speed by which it is done. The technology has non personnel contact with the material therefore is an ease of conducting the process. Laser micromachining is mostly used in creating specifically small three dimensional devices.

The most notable area of laser micromachining is the medical instruments industry. High precision equipment is mostly made by the use of this technology such as angioplasty devices. The other very complex and highly sophisticated is the use of laser micromachining when it comes to treatment of cardiac problems.

The other notable example of laser micromachining is the use of this process on silicon. A precision drilling and cutting of silicon or the micro-structuring of silicon can be only with high quality lasers. This process results in silicon being used for chips in the semiconductor industry. In fact in the area of precision marking or engraving laser micromachining is used on glass and other materials as well.

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